Ever wondered what parallel compression was ? Or why your track sounds a bit too thin or lifeless ? In this workshop, Franz Matthews will help you unleash your production and mixing skills with a demonstration of tips & tricks that will help you getting from production zero to production hero. Using Ableton Live's powerful features, you will learn in practice a variety of "swiss knife" techniques that producers use to beef up their tracks, dynamise their music, give character to a lifeless sounding tune... All in all, you will learn how to to improve your track and go from an initial idea to a good sounding production, with road tested experience tips.
In 2 sessions of 4 hours each, we will go through the different steps of the production of a track, each time focusing on each step's key elements & techniques, that you will then be able to use in your own productions in order to push your track to the next level.
Each participant is invited to bring a rough demo of his own (as an Ableton Live project) that we will use as real-case examples during the workshop.



Listening to each other’s demos to enhance each other’s listening skills and get constructive feedback.

Working with scales, to develop new ideas and find interesting harmonies
Using original samples to create interesting beats.
Layering elements to create a bigger sound texture.
Bringing in looped samples
Doubling a lead line in the lows for extra power
Beefing up with Saturation / Overdrive
Vocal production tips :
Doubling for more fattness
Pitched recording for more weirdness
Playing with vocals in Simpler for more originality

Breaking the harmony of a looped track.
Creating a quick arrangement
Giving a life to kicks & hi hats

Dynamics :
Sidechain Compression / Ducking for Groove and Clarity
Parallel Compression for fatness
The power of filters

Effects :
Gated Reverbs aka „the Phil Collins Sound“
Slap Back Delay aka the „Elvis Presley Sound“
Stereoizing a mono file with Delays
Delayed & Saturated Reverb
Using your effects differently : The Auto-Pan
Chorus for fattening a Bass.

Automation :
Concrete examples
Automated EQs for more life
Reverb + Delay hints for keeping the listener’s attention.
Creating reversed filter sweeps for Breakups & Buildups.

Mastering :
Adding some mixbus compression for a bit of glue.
Multiband compression for extra richness

Beginner / Intermediate with first experience with Ableton or another DAW

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jeweils 12-16 Uhr
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