Sjoerd van der Sanden

Ableton Certified Trainer

Sjoerd van der Sanden is a live performer, producer and DJ of electronic music. After years of playing drums in several electronic/indie bands and a side step into contemporary music, he now dedicates his musical energies to the electronic music scene.

As a graduated composer and performer, specialised in sound design, he produces his own minimal/techno, sound design and beats. He has developed several software and hardware solutions for musicians, including for his own live act as Jozak Sander.

His vision is that a performer should be able to control his 'Instrument' in an intuitive way – with minimized dependence on knobs and faders in order to transcend to true sensual expression. Although he is specialised in live performance, DJ-ing and the use of external controllers, Sjoerd teaches all aspects of Ableton Live, including Max for Live. Creativity and developing ones own workflow are the keywords in his sessions.