A Weekend Crash Course

The Electronic Music Production Weekend is a course for those who want to get a quick overview to get started in the world of electronic music production. In just two days, you will be able to build your own beats, create your own sounds and mix them together in Ableton Live 10. In four sessions, each 3 hours, you will receive the most important aspects and valuable tips and tricks in order to create your first sketch.

The course will be held by the Ableton Certified Trainer, DJ and Producer Sjoerd van der Sanden in our fully equipped Mac Lab.

Day 1

Session 1 Audio Works DAW/Ableton Basics
Midi vs. Audioclips, Loops,
Warping, Time-Stretching

Session 2 – Beat-Factory
Drum-rack, Drumkits, Rhythm Programming,
Grooves, Swings & Shuffle

Day 2

Session 3 – Sounds
Basic Sound Design, Envelopes, ADSR,
Instrument- and Effect Racks

Session 4 – Mixing
Room Fx (Reverb/Delay), Dynamics,
Compressor / Side-Chain, Equalizer

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Preis 219 €

12 (Stunden)

Start 06.10.2018Location noisy Academy | Maclab Termine 06.10.-07.10.2018
each from 10 am - 5 pm
(lunch break included)
Plätze verfügbar 6 / 12 Zielgruppe Beginner Bereich Musikproduktion | MusikwissenArt CourseLevel All