Gods of Techno: Masterclass with David Harrow

Electronic Dub maestro David Harrowʼs master class opens with an audio visual walkthrough of his musical history spanning more than 3 decades of studio work and over 1500 productions.
He has experienced in real time the evolution of music technologies, from CV controlled analog synthesis , din clocked sequencing , midi, to 64 bit cutting edge software based sound design, composition, recording and performance systems, and the creative innovations these developments have enabled.
Harrows insights are framed within the wider context of an independent producer of both recorded and performed electronic music in a broad variety of genres from ambient, dub, techno, drum n bass, dubstep.
Through the examination and exploration of the evolution of analog and digital sound tools he introduces class participants to his own cutting edge fusion of external modular electronics into a Ableton Live performance environment with a step by step demonstration of how to construct flexible live performance setups utilizing Push2/Ableton/Modular.
The master class provides an in-depth Q & A opportunity with additional 1 on 1 personal consultation and concludes with a short live performance demonstration of the techniques and technologies he has developed for his own original output.

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