Diana Perova

Producer, Dj, NLP Coach

Diana Perova was born in Russia and grew up in Austria prior to becoming a Berlin resident.

From an early age on, she dived head first into singing, playing the violin and Russian folkloristic dance.
Two years after finishing her studies in transcultural communication and working as a lightjockey, she decided to step behind the turntables herself.

Diana further expanded her horizon as a singer in „DAWAI DAWAI“, as well as performing as a DJ with live musicians & singers (my secret session, etc) - so she’s got a wide, in-depth perspective on the music-industry.

Under the monicker Diana May, she graces the Berlin club scene (Magdalena, Ritter Butzke, Pratersauna, etc) with her love for bass-heavy, melodic techno and releases her own tracks („90’s machine“). Her second DJ-alias, NIPPL, is an outlet for DJing at corporate events, combining classics with mash-ups & breakbeats.

Diana works as a coach for Music Pool Berlin, as well as a NLP-mentor.