DJ Workshop with Mike Vamp

DJing is a crucial element of modern club culture. In all genres of electronic or club music, a DJ is nowadays way more than just a selector of music. Today’s DJ tools enable you to turn your DJ performance into a live performance, to rearrange and remix music live during your performance - while on the other end many clubs and DJs decisively prefer to only focus on traditional analog DJing techniques. As a young DJ - how do I position myself properly, how do I develop a clear concept and identity and how do I succeed - this workshop allows you to touch all these topics, actively try out all different technical setups and learn a lot about a professional DJ’s work, the requirements and restrictions.

The duration of this workshop is 5 hours in total. All attendees will be provided with 4 extra hours of self practicing after completing this course. Its necessary to make extra appointments for the 4 hours of self practice. Of course you can split the hours as you like. Please get in touch with us!

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Price 229 €

5 (Hours)

Start N/ALocation noisy Academy | DJ BoothDates 23.02.2019

11am-5pm (lunchbreak included)
Available Spots 4 / 4 Objective Type CourseLevel Beginner