songwriting, music production w/ LogicProX

Amir Rahimzadeh

1) Study of sound engineering  – ‘Universität Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz’
2) Recording Engineer @PlanetRoc Berlin
3) Founder Songwriting Academy Berlin
4) Songwriting Workshops
5) Mindset & Business Coach for musicians
6) Producer for Singer-Songwriter


1) Songwriting
2) Music production for Singer-Songwriter (learn to produce your songs)
3) Mindset Coaching for musicians (from starving artist to thriving artist)
4) Business Coaching for musicians (how you can live on music and your passion)
5) Singer-Songwriter Recording


German, English, Spanish

Your Tutor

Price 3H 225€
6H 450€
12H 850€
24H 1.650€

Teaching Time Mo-Fr flexible hours Links Songwriting Academy Berlin