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Full service provider for (future) music professionals – we’re noisy!

It all started in 2001 with noisy Rooms. Chris Rüsenberg knew that musicians often don’t have space to rehearse. That’s where noisy Rooms stepped in, renting out rehearsal rooms at the old location on Warschauer Straße.

noisy has evolved over the years. Chris has tried a lot of things with his team, some of which worked while others didn’t. But one question has always been the driving factor:

What do musicians need so they can make music professionally?

The answer is noisy. That’s because you need a few things to make music:

  • High-quality rehearsal studios for musical development - noisy Rooms
  • Inspiring instructors with music in their veins - noisy Academy
  • Safe transportation for tours - noisy Roads
  • Cool organizers for hot music events - noisy Live

4x noisy under the noisy Musicworld roof

noisy offers (future) professional musicians quality services at fair prices on site. We are also represented across the country through our corporate concept.

noisy Musicworld has been at the House of Music on the RAW site in Berlin F’hain since April 2019 – It's great that the music has been able to stay in the neighborhood.

noisy Rooms

Rents rehearsal studios with high-quality equipment

noisy Academy

Provides professional music education

noisy Live

Creates tailor-made music events

noisy Roads

Provides excellently maintained tour buses and backline equipment for rent

All the services are designed and offered under the noisy Musicworld brand to meet the needs of musicians. Always. ​Because noisy is part of the music scene.


noisy sounds like evolution – noisy is evolution

The driving value for me is development – as a founder, manager, employer, self-employed person, human, friend and father of two daughters. Developing new ideas and seeing how they take shape makes me happy.

I run noisy with that in mind, with open ears, flexibility and a view toward the future:

  • noisy employees have jobs where they can develop and grow.
  • noisy offers musicians the literal and figurative space where they can develop themselves and their music.
  • People and companies work with noisy because noisy is aware of its social and economic responsibility.

People, art and music want to develop – it's a natural process. But development also needs active support. That’s what drives noisy. noisy does everything so musicians can work and develop.

That’s what we mean by “noisy sounds like evolution”.

noisy Evolution: from an idea to noisy Musicworld

  1. noisy Rooms grew from of the lack of practice spaces.
  2. noisy Academy (School of Electronic Music) grew from a classical music school.
  3. noisy Roads (tour bus rental) grew from the noisy Store.
  4. noisy Live (music events) grew from noisy Careers.
  5. Part-time employees became full-time employees.
  6. Trainees became permanent employees.
  7. A sole proprietorship became a GmbH.
  8. And noisy Musicworld grew from an idea.


noisy Musicworld GmbH
Revaler Straße 99
10245 BERLIN


+49 30 21 23 78 21

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