Eure Bassistin ist zum Studium nach Rio oder euer Schlagzeuger wird jetzt Arzt und hat keine Zeit mehr für die Band? Kein Problem. Hier finden Bands, die Musiker suchen, Musiker, die Bands suchen.

  • 17/01/2018 von wash

    Looking for Bassist

    Hi , guitar player and drummer looking for a bass player to play on a alternative rock band.

    You don’t have to be super skilled ,intermediate level is good enough.

    I’m looking for people who really want to be in a band (meaning record , gigs , tours ) .So it’s NOT for someone looking for a hobby. Desire and motivation to make it grow is needed.

    We could either continue as my band ‚House of Witches‘ or start from zero, we can discuss.

    Below the spotify and Soundcloud links . I don’t stick to one style so be prepared to hear a diversity of sounds.

  • 15/01/2018 von Bernd

    Wir, 1 Sänger, 1 Gitarrist, suchen einen Drummer, Basser und ggf Keys (Hammond/Rhodes/etc.). Band im Aufbau, genügend Songs stehen, vernünftige Demos zum anhören auch. Wir spielen keinen Classic Rock wie AC/DC- oder Lynyrd Skynyrd-Coverbands für’s Bierzelt (jetzt hier nichts gegen Coverbands, ist nur nicht unser Ding). Ist zwar im weitesten Sinne Bluesrock, bei dem man Zeppelin, Faces und Stones auch raushört, aber moderner interpretiert, wie z.B. Black Keys, Raconteurs oder White Stripes.

  • 15/01/2018 von R.

    Professional gothic rock band is looking for live musicians. 
    The band has already 3 albums released and working on the 4th, our style is Gothic rock, Gothic metal, rock… (band like Sisters of Mercy, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, the 69 Eyes… ) 
    We have concerts fixed for May and festivals in summer around Germany and some more concerts to be confirmed for Autumn. This is a paid job for live shows, we look for someone professional, with experience, own equipment and positive attitude.
    We look for :
    -Guitar player (7 string guitar preferred)
    -Drummer (we use click track and backing tracks)
    -Bass player
    Any sound knowledge for live backing tracks is a plus.
    If you are interested feel free to contact us for further details :-) We’ll be waiting for you!

  • 09/01/2018 von Ema Alexander

    Me First & Gimme Gimmes band!!!

    Hey guys, anybody there in love with Me First & Gimme Gimmes brilliant versions? If so, Let me know! We can have fun Live here in Berlin! Cheers, Ema

  • 08/01/2018 von B Sykes

    New live band for solo project

    Band members wanted for new Pop/Rock band – which will be the live band of the artist: S Y K Ë S

    Shows would be initially in Germany / Austria / Switzerland. Rehearsals not paid currently , but possibility if a large booking agent gets involved.

    Influences from : Lenny Kravitz, Miguel, Prince etc

    Currently filled: Guitarist
    Looking for: Bassist , Drummer, Keys/Sampler

    Musical Chemistry is the most important thing – get in touch if you like the vibe.
    Debut single:

  • 07/01/2018 von M.

    Punk/hc band looking for a singer. We have 9 tracks ready and planning to record and make show soon.
    Get in touch if interested

  • 02/01/2018 von Dam

    Professional Drummer Looking for paid Gigs/Recording

    Professional, Experienced Drummer, looking for paid work in Berlin.

    I have experience in both Recording/Touring/Last minute Substitution field, have professional equipment and I learn things fast.

    Please contact only if you are willing to pay for my work, since I already have several projects that I’m investing in, i’m not able to work for free/join new bands that are not working as a professional band.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you want samples of my drumming


  • 29/12/2017 von Gabe Lingan

    Band Members Wanted- Rock/Garage Rock/Indie Rock

    Singer looking for guitarists, bassists and drummers in Berlin that are rhythmically tight. Looking to cover bands like The Strokes, The Black Keys, The Growlers and classic rock like The Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix etc. as well as obviously writing our own music at some point.

    – preferably looking for players just out of high school or in university at the moment

  • 11/12/2017 von Philip Lunnegård

    Looking for musicians for Americana Rock project!


    I’m looking to get some people together for an Americana Rock band/project. My name is Philip and I’m 26-years old from Stockholm, Sweden. I play guitar, sing and write songs. Looking for more guitars, bass, drums and keyboard so if you think this sounds cool, hit me up and we’ll take it from there. Biggest inspirations are musicians and bands like Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, Coldplay, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan….

  • 10/12/2017 von Deniz

    Prog/Tech Metal Band Looking For Vocalist

    Looking for a vocalist who excels at cleans and also does great harsh vocals. We are already working on some original material and we have some covers ready (with an intention of doing videos for them). Main focus is getting some original stuff done as soon as possible. Influences include Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery.

  • 10/12/2017 von Deniz

    Prog/Tech Metal Band Looking For Vocalist

    We are looking for a vocalist who excels at cleans and also does good harsh vocals. Already working on original material.. Also have some covers ready with an intention of doing videos for them. Main focus is original stuff though. Influences include Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, The Dillinger Escape Plan.

  • 22/11/2017 von Juan Rojas

    International Trash Blues Band looking for Upright Bass/electric bass player and Drummer.
    One album released and one to come next year.
    more details after contact.
    You need your own instruments and time to travel.

  • 19/11/2017 von JJ

    Searching musicians for live shows

    Hi, i’m looking for musicians to play in live concerts. Drumer, bass, guitar, keyboards is required and little bit of experience would be appreciated. We should practice one day per week. The thing is to have fun and a good time playing, Our first concert would be in march in a known pub in mitte. The style is like Garage Rock/Psych Rock. If you’re interested contact me and i can send you some songs to listen.


  • 18/11/2017 von Christian

    Schlagzeuger gesucht

    Hi, wir suchen einen tighten und dynamisch spielenden Drummer mit kreativem Input für Rockband mir deutschen Texten. Sound gibt’s hier:

    Viele Grüße


  • 02/11/2017 von Alicia


    For a short TV commercial we are searching for a great, lovely, fun, amazing Music Duo from Berlin, that wants to act in the commercial during one shooting day in Berlin.
    Music style: Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop, Rock, Alternative or similar.
    Please get in touch for more information!
    A compensation will be paid.


  • 01/11/2017 von Hector

    Schlagzeuger / Tonmeister gesucht.

    A band based here in Berlin needs drummer and sound engineer. We are a power trio playing classic/alternative rock, including psychedelic, funky, latin and groovy touches. An album has been recently released, so after a short accomodation period, the band will be ready to play live.

    Moreover, there is already work in progress for the second album. We like to work independently, and the first album has been totally self-produced, that’s why as a sound engineer you have a spot to experiment and work in absolute freedom.

    If you are drummer and you’ld like to enjoy your skills in sound engineering, you might be interested.

    Feel free to contact for further details! Contact: Hector

  • 30/10/2017 von Father Midnight

    DRUMing person WANTED!

    „Father Midnight“ is looking for a reliable drumming person.
    We play energetic simple Garage-Psych-Rock.

    We rehearse once a week and play 1-2 Shows per month.
    We have a room in Lichtenberg.
    There is a Ep coming out next month.

    if you want to catch one of our last shows, come to BEI RUTH at the 31.OCT.

    Don’t hesitate and get in touch.
    Yours, Father Midnight

  • 26/10/2017 von Rio

    We‘re looking for horns!

    we‘re looking for horns.
    Got one trumpet player but we want more.
    You play trombone, sax or something like that give us a signal.
    For more informations / sounds / videos etc. check…

    Alternative Hip Funk Electro Hop


  • 24/10/2017 von Mike


    Seek Nothing, a Berlin based hardcore band, is looking for a drummer to help write new songs, play shows around Europe and generally have a wonderful time. Anyone who is a decent human being and has a drumkit is welcome

  • 24/10/2017 von Dani

    Female Singer/Songwriter Looking for a Producer (Indie electronic vibe)

    I’m a 22 year old singer/songwriter and pianist looking for a male producer (and potentially singer) to form a pop/indie duo. I’m from Toronto, Canada and new to Berlin. If you’re into Indie electronic and enjoy producing original work, send me a message! I am happy to send you some videos/song ideas of mine and would love to see/hear your work as well to see if it might be a good fit :)

    You can check me out on Instagram at @danikabs !

  • 20/10/2017 von Ivan

    A perspective band is looking for you (searching for singer, bass, drums)

    Hi everyone!
    this might interest you if:
    -you are either a drummer, bass player or singer .
    -you are inspired by: Queen, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Queens of the stone age, The Raconteurs, Franz Ferdinand, Joy Division, Depeche Mode etc.
    -you“d prefer to play indie/britpop/garage/post-punk, open for music experimentation.

    About myself: I’m a guitar player/songwriter. I played guitar in a couple of bands before. Although I’m not a professional musician, my skills are above the average.
    Idea is to start with some covers and add original material along as we progress.

  • 18/10/2017 von totgelaufen

    zweite gitarre und stimme für (neu gegründete) 90er-emo/screamoband gesucht.

    richtung suis la lune, raein, indian summer, policy of 3 und wie sie alle heißen.
    im idealfall hast du bereits erfahrung mit dem sound, weißt, was du tust und warum, hast ein gewisses sing-/schrei-talent, deine texte bewegen sich über grundschulbetroffenheitslyrikniveau und hegst ambitionen für ein projekt von dauer.
    alter, geschlecht, sexuelle orientierung etc. ist uns völlig schnuppe.
    antisemiten, sexisten, transphobe grenzdebile, burzumshirts und unpolitische oi-heinis koennen uns dafür gestohlen bleiben.

  • 13/10/2017 von Volker Racho

    Stimme gesucht

    Frau (Ü30) gesucht für fantastischen Krach. Wenn Du dazu was singen kannst ->
    dann melde Dich! Na los!

    Singer (f, over 30yrs) wanted. If you can sing something along to this ->
    get in touch! Now!

  • 12/10/2017 von Alexander Weber

    Neues Bandprojekt (Indie, Alternative, Americana) sucht Drummer, Einflüsse u. a. Lemonheads, Notwist, National, Radiohead, Bright Eyes etc.) Material und erfahrene Musiker vorhanden. Hört rein: soundcloud/asteroid_kane.
    Meldet euch!

    Drummer wanted für New Indie/Alternative/Americana project (influences including Lemonheads, Notwist, National, Radiohead, Bright Eyes etc.) . We’ve got tons of material and experience. Listen in at soundcloud/asteroid_kane.
    If you like, let us know,

  • 10/10/2017 von Paul

    Doom Guitarist Wanted

    Hello All who read,

    We are a 3 piece Metal / Doom band looking for someone to bring the distortion / Heaviness and pure dread to what we currently have. Must be happy playing Heavy / Ambient / Able to produce a decent hook/solo and comfortable to try tuned all the way down in A (Can be discussed but all songs (on bass and drums) are in this tuning). Songs are roughly 7mins a piece.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re male/female, from a Death Metal / Stoner / DOOM / Black Metal / Post rock background etc etc…. If you want to write Epic music then get in touch.

  • 09/10/2017 von Malika Alaoui

    Singer search musicians for a new project.

    Hello dear musicians!

    I am Malika, singer, composer and stage performer.

    I wish to meet 1 or 2 musician(s) to create and share a personal music project together. The idea is to create something spontaneously, with what we are, with sincerity and pleasure. Improvisation is also part of it. I wish to build a music project strong and refined ; to perform in nice places and share our music with different audiences.

    The right musician(s) for this project could be a cellist, an accordionist, a harpist, another string instrument player, an organist and/or a trombonist, a clarinetist. I love harmonium and glockenspiel. To find the right musician(s)/instrumentalist for this project, it is about alchemy between us and our instruments, also to be in a common impulse.

    It would be better if you already have a good background as a professional musician and in stage performing.

    My influences and inspirations are ethnic music, world music (African, gypsy music, berbere etc…), jazz, contemporary pop music and improvised music. I write text in French, in English and I like to create imaginary words. I also like a lot to sing in different languages.

    Thank you. Have a good time !

  • 03/10/2017 von M

    Professional bassist wanted

    Professional bass guitarist required for professional rock band.
    The band has label, management and an agent.
    Full time committed person will get the job. We are looking for a young savage – must be confident, courteous and capable. Age 20 -35

    nirvana, rhcp, ratm, etc

  • 30/09/2017 von Christian

    Female singer wanted for pop duo

    Hey, I’m a producer/songwriter looking for a female singer for a pop duo in the vein of Oh Wonder, The xx, Angus & Julia Stone, AlunaGeorge etc. If you know/like these acts and are up for a writing session and trying a couple of songs, feel free to hit me up! Chris
    Hey, ich bin Produzent und Songwriter (Anfang 30) und suche eine Sängerin für ein mögliches Pop-Duo im Stil von Oh Wonder, The xx, Angus & Julia Stone etc. Kein Stress, einfach mal 1-2 Songs ausprobieren. Wenn Du mit den obigen Bandnamen etwas anfangen kannst und Lust auf ein ähnliches Projekt hast, hit me up! Chris

  • 30/09/2017 von Christian

    Hi Arjan, das klingt interessant und ist auch bei mir in der Nähe. Spielt die Band viele Gigs und sind die bezahlt?
    Besten Gruß, Chris

  • 28/09/2017 von Axel Kalteiß

    Schlagzeiger gesucht !!!

    Wir sind: Bass, Gitarre, Gesang
    Wir haben: einen eigenen Stil zwischen (Indie-)Rock und Soul, eine große Stimme, tolle Songs, richtig Bock
    Wir wollen: endlich auf die Bühne und viel live spielen
    Wir suchen: dich an den Drums
    Melde dich bei Axel: 01717029211
    soundcloudlik gerne auf Anfrage

  • 27/09/2017 von Florian

    Jazz minded rockers

    Experienced drummer looking for a jazz-minded Rocker with great skills and a massive soul. All instruments, all sexes possible. I wanna form a duo or trio. Concept and solid idea is there.

  • 27/09/2017 von Detlef Klar

    Sänger/in und Bassist/in dringend gesucht.

    Gitarrist (57) und Schlagzeuger (50) suchen für eigene Projekte im Rock- und Metallbereich verstärkung.
    Proberaum ist vorhanden.

  • 14/09/2017 von reggae

    keyboarder reggae gesucht

    we 40 degrees a reggae band from berlin with live experience, own studio repertoire and cd looking for cool groove keyborder / in if you like playing reggae and caribbean music, mail for infos

    wir 40 degrees eine reggae band aus berlin mit live erfahrung, eigenem studio – repertoir und cd suchen coolen groove keyborder/in der lust hat reggae und caribbean music zu spielen, infos mailen

  • 12/09/2017 von marcus

    Rockband (Alter 40+) im Aufbau sucht u.a. BASSISTEN., Blues Feeling ist uns dabei sehr wichtig !!
    Proberaum und Songmaterial vorhanden. Einflüsse: Blues, Garage, Soul, Psychedelic … Bands we like: LedZep, White Stripes, The Faces, Black Keys, Dead Weather, Raconteurs, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

  • 11/09/2017 von Pedro


    Heyyy brothers and sisters ,
    i’m 30 y.o. singer and guitar player looking for musicians(backing vocals , bass , guitar , drum , percussion , Oud , mandoline , accordeon , keyboard , goumbri , wtar ….etc ) who want to bring their music and feelings into a cool soup of world music(reggae , north-African blues and oriental echoes ) . i’ve already some finished songs that we could work on as a start ,and sure your ideas and inpirations are also welcome .
    Important for me is not only the music itself but also how we make it and share it together with brotherhood joy and sympathy.
    well , just feel free to ask if you wanna know more about it ;)
    Peace & Brotherhood

  • 11/09/2017 von Szymon Lesniewski

    Looking for a DJ/beatmaker for fresh project! Mixture of hiphop, dub, electronic with downtuned hardcore/nu-metal. Hi-energy music which makes people jump through whole set :]

    We are singer/rapper and guitar/bass player. We have space and equipment.

    Astroid boys as reference:

  • 07/09/2017 von O-shin

    Looking for live electronic & keys player

    For an international project with professional musicians we are looking for a live electronic & key player.
    Genre wise left field indie pop in the direction of James Blake, Hundred Waters, Banks
    If you are looking for and interesting project to play shows on a professional level please get in contact and we can talk more.

  • 30/08/2017 von KLJSWB

    Musicians, bands, DJs wanted!

    Musicians, bands, DJs wanted!
    From September on every Wednesday in Berlin Kreuzberg – Classic Jam Session World Beats.
    The Classic Jam Session is an experiment and laboratory for young talents in Berlin. Inspired by the idea of ​​jam sessions, we regularly invite musicians to inspire each other, to improvise and to have fun. The offer is aimed at experienced musicians. It is about bringing people together about the common enthusiasm for making music, discovering new musical directions, instruments and people from the neighborhood, or revising what is known as something new and creating something new together.

  • 29/08/2017 von Frank Freudenberger

    Ambitionierte Cover-Rockband sucht Bläser zur Verstärkung. Eine Posaune haben wir schon –
    idealerweise wären Saxophon und Trompete noch zu besetzen. Wir bewegen uns zwischen tanzbaren
    Klassikern (z.B. A. Winehouse, Joe Cocker), soulig-bluesigen Rocknummern (J. Bonnamassa) und
    gutem (Jazz)-Pop (z.B. Lake Street Dive, Paolo Nutini). Professionell notierte Bläsersätze sind bereits
    vorhanden – ebenso ein Proberaum in Berlin-Marzahn.
    Unsere (momentane) Besetzung: 2 mal Gesang (m und w), Gitarre, Drums, Bass, Keyboard.
    Meldet euch, wenn ihr Lust auf unsere Musik habt!

  • 19/08/2017 von Philipp Pflüger

    Groovy bass for jam sessions

    hey ho, we are 3 people, drum, guit, „singer“, playing or better jamming kind of groovy stuff, weekly. not perfect, but emotionally top :) join und jam with us! 0171 3787478

  • 17/08/2017 von Andreas

    Hallo Benjamin,
    ich habe in Rock/Hardcore/… Bands gespielt und hatte jetzt eine Weile Pause. Ich will jetzt wieder starten und regelmäßig Mucke machen. Für mich ist Musik ein Hobby bei dem es mir hauptsächlich um den Spaß und die Musik an sich geht. Geld, Rum und den Olymp der Rockgeschichte habe ich weniger als oberstes Ziel.
    Der Link hat sich sehr interessant angehört! Wenn Ihr noch sucht, würde ich gern mal auf ein Bier vorbeikommen.
    Achso – ich spiele Bass und bin 35.

    Viele Grüße

  • 10/08/2017 von Baumwolle

    Band sucht Drummer + Bass

    Hallo zusammen!

    Wir (Singer/Guitarplayer+ Guitarplayer/Synths) suchen :
    1 Drummer / Percusionist
    1 Bassplayer

    > 27 Jahre alt ;)

    Rehearsal : 2-3 Mal pro Woche (Fhain, Berlin)
    Ziel : Bühne (Gigs schon geplant) / soll Spaß machen
    Audio :

    Wir freuen uns schon für eure Nachricht!

    Cheers! ;)

  • 03/08/2017 von bootzy

    keyboarder reggae gesucht

    : looking for a keyborder because our is leaving berlin after 6 years playing together, we a semipro reggae band working with different artist as a backing and also idependant formation, can play all styles from ska , roots modern roots ,dub , dh anything thats reggae from slow to fast with strong carribbean music influence.

  • 03/08/2017 von bootzy

    keyboarder reggae gesucht

    Suchen einen Keyborder, nach 6 Jahren zusammen spielen zieht unser aus berlin weg. wir sind eine Semipro Reggae Band, die mit verschiedenen Künstlern als Backing arbeitet und auch als eigene Formation spielt,
    von Ska, roots reggae bis modernen rootz, Dub, dh alles was Reggae ist vom Langsam zu schnelleren beats mit starken karibischen Musik Einfluss
    english : looking for a keyborder because our is leaving berlin after 6 years playing together, we a semipro reggae band working with different artist as a backing and also idependant formation, can play all styles from ska , roots modern roots ,dub , dh anything thats reggae from slow to fast with strong carribbean music influence.

  • 31/07/2017 von Lalysmooth

    Gitarrist und Bassist dringend gesucht!

    Band urgently looking for Guitarrist and Bass player.
    We make Reggae/Soul/Caribbean Music.
    You´re professional, involved and love the music, then your the right one for us ;)

    Band sucht Bassist und Gitarrist.
    Wir machen Reggae/Soul/Caribbean.
    Du bist professionell, engagiert und liebst die Musik, dann bist du unser Mann!

  • 31/07/2017 von Progressive DrummerIn gesucht/Progressive drummer wanted

    *** English version below ***

    Wir sind eine Progressive-/Post-Rock-Band und suchen ab August/September eine(n) neue(n) DrummerIn, weil unser bisheriger Drummer dann Berlin verlassen wird.

    Wir haben bisher Material für ca. 45 min, aber viele weitere Ideen, die darauf warten mit dir zusammen ausgearbeitet zu werden. Unsere Setlist enthält sowohl instrumentale Songs als auch welche mit Englischen Texten, wobei bei letzteren der Fokus i. d. R. trotzdem eher auf der Musik liegt.

    Professionelle Aufnahmen haben wir bisher leider nicht, dafür aber einige Proberaummitschnitte mit einem einfachen Stereorekorder, die wir dir bei Interesse gerne bereitstellen. Der Sound hat so sicherlich keine Studioqualität, dürfte aber hinreichend gut sein, um eine generell Idee davon zu bekommen, was dich erwartet.

    Momentan proben wir in den Noisy Rooms (Warschauer Straße), haben aber vor, in absehbarer Zeit einen eigenen Proberaum zu finden.

    Du bist kreativ und magst es, spontan beim Jammen Ideen zu entwickeln, kannst mehr als nur 4/4 und Standardbeats, dafür aber auch mal odd time signatures spielen und bist schleppenden aber druckvollen melancholischen Songs, die auch gerne mal länger als 5 min sein dürfen, nicht abgeneigt? Dann melde dich gerne bei uns.

    Rassisten, Sexisten und andere Arschlöcher sind hiervon selbstverständlich ausgenommen.


    We are a Progressive rock/Post rock band and are looking for a new drummer as of August/September, as our recent drummer will leave Berlin by then.

    We’ve already written songs with an overall duration of approximately 45 min, but still have loads of new ideas waiting to be worked on with you. Our set list comprises both, instrumental as well as songs with English lyrics. However, even in the latter we chiefly focus on the music.

    Hitherto we haven’t yet recorded anything professionally, but we’ve got some self-made recordings from the rehearsal room. However, the sound quality should be sufficiently good to get a general idea of our band and the music we play.

    At the moment we rehearse at Noisy Rooms (at Warschauer Straße), but are looking forward to find an own room in the near future.

    If you like to be creative, jamming on a spontaneous idea, are capable of playing not only 4/4 and standard beats, but some odd time signatures every now and again instead, and can relish dragging, yet powerful, melancholic Songs that last for 5 minutes or longer, feel free to leave a message.

    Racists, sexists and other fuckwits of any kind are hereby kindly asked to refrain from contacting us.

  • 31/07/2017 von Johannes Henel

    Hi Markus,
    wie sieht Eure Bandsituation momentan aus?
    Seid Ihr noch auf Suche nach einem Drummer?
    Beste Grüße,

  • 26/07/2017 von Arjan Döring

    Drummer wanted

    Wir sind WindParC in der Besetzung: 2 Sänger, 2 Gitarristen und ein Bassist und sind auf der Suche nach einem Schlagzeuger, der mich für ein Jahr vertritt. Stillistisch bewegen wir uns im Pop/Rock Genre. Zu unserem Repertoire zählen sowohl Cover- als auch selbstgeschriebene Songs. Wir proben freitags von 18:10-19:50 in der Wustrower Str. 26 in 13051 Berlin (Berlin-Hohenschönhausen). Wenn Du denkst, Du bist der Richtige für diesen Job, dann melde Dich bei mir per Mail :)

  • 25/07/2017 von Ed

    Searching for support act for our Berlin show

    We are looking for a band or performer to support our show at Junction Bar in Berlin on the 28th of September. We have been described as UK ‘offbeat indie rock’ with our album just being released. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes etc.. We are hoping to get a bit more of a fanbase in Berlin as we are all from the UK. We have just come back from a tour or the UK with some songs being played on BBC radio 6… We hare a 90 minute time slot se we would be happy for someone to play around 30-35 minutes. We want to give someone the opportunity to have a gig and to bring your fans and friends along and all have a nice time and enjoy some music together.
    Please send me an email with link to: tracks (live) and/or videos. We aren’t exactly sure what we will make on the door but we will gladly give some cash to whoever can support us, although this could be nothing… as we really don’t know what to expect, but it should be fun anyway :)

  • 25/07/2017 von William Bleak

    I am the svn looking for second guitar

    Please listen first (Website link is our most recent EP).
    We are currently looking for a second guitar player. The music is mostly an anxiety-driven version of stoner rock. Our live shows are usually more energetic and aggressive/noisy than the recorded songs, with strong tendencies towards bands like ‚A place to bury strangers‘ and the ‚Flat Duo Jets.
    Rehearsal space, gigs, about twenty songs in the active repertoire (plus another ten), videos etc. are all there.
    Pedal enthusiasts and nerds preferred.

    Intern sprechen wir meist Englisch, da unser Drummer aus England stammt. Englischkenntnisse sollten also vorhanden sein.

  • 22/07/2017 von Andres


    Hey Oliver, I’m mostly a drummer but also play guitar and have production experience- also looking for musicians to hang out. This sounds like fun.
    Get in touch