Du hast keine Lust mehr, deine Songs nur deinen eigenen vier Wänden vorzuspielen oder deine Band hat sich aufgelöst aber du willst unbedingt weiter Musik machen? Finde hier Leute auf deiner Wellenlänge und gründe mit ihnen eine Band oder steige in bestehende Projekte ein.

  • 16/02/2020 von JOO Alexsson

    LOOKING FOR PIANIST: BASS PLAYER, DRUMMER for German North Coast Open Air Gigs

    I am producer & singer AWAL artist
    LOOKING FOR PIANIST: BASS PLAYER, DRUMMER for German North Coast Open Air Gigs
    Repertoire – Singer Songwriter 14 Ed Sheeran Songs + 10 Pop- Sam Smith, Passenger etc.

    – 11 of April – 19.00 – 21.30
    – 20 of May – or 19.00 to 21.30 or shorter
    Your payment for per gig will be 300/person. Accommodation solved.
    More gigs possible – depends how good job you will make
    Both gigs Brut-to 2,5 Hour. Please, note that the NET playing time is 20 min shorter because of the conversational part within the gig. ONLY reliable people PELASE!

  • 12/02/2020 von Caspar Moeller



    My name is Caspar (25) from Denmark.
    I just arrived in Berlin yesterday, and want to meet new people.

    Ive played drums for around 15 years, and been producing for around 3 years.

    I have prepared a lot beats before arriving, so im in need of Rappers and vocalist.
    Its mainly Trap/HipHop and 80`s (M83)

    It would be nice to make a band in Berlin, but I would also like to join a band.
    My main genre would be Rock, Hiphop and Metal.
    Main influence is Eric Moore and Danny Carey.

    Kind regards
    Caspar Moeller

  • 11/02/2020 von Roberto

    Guitarist/Bassist (Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock)

    Guitarist/Bassist looking to join (or start) a Post-Hardcore/Post-Rock band in Berlin. I’ve played in bands before and I’m really looking forward to doing it again.

    If you are looking for a bandmate that’s into: Thursday, Envy, Frodus, Unwound, Russian Circles, Helmet, Hopesfall, These Arms are Snakes, Refused, Cult of Luna, Deftones Caspian, Cloakroom etc … I’m your guy! :D

    No big professional goals, but I am totally up for doing local shows, weekend shows out of town, and recording.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • 11/02/2020 von Sebastian

    Harmonica player looking to make music/record

    I’m a harmonica player looking for a band or any kind of project. I’m looking to play more regularly and hopefully record too. I’ve got a lot of different influences, and even though I can play standard blues and rock harmonica, I like to delve into other genres as well, where you wouldn’t normally expect this instrument, so I can push myself to play it differently and discover new grounds. I also play guitar (and sing a bit).

    IG: @sebhoch

  • 09/02/2020 von Oskar

    +++ Keys for Jazz, Funk & Soul +++

    ⁄⁄ ⁄for Entglish see below ⁄⁄⁄

    Liebe Community,

    nachdem ich (25) recht frisch in die Hauptstadt gezogen bin, suche ich jetzt unbedingt nach einem Projekt in den Bereichen Jazz, Funk und Soul (mit viel Wohlwollen auch Blues, Pop und Rock ✌️😊). Bisher habe ich in zwei für mich einschlägigen Band-Projekten im Indi- und Soul-Bereich gecovert und Eigenkompositionen gespielt. 6 Jahre Bühnen- und Studioerfahrung damit vorhanden 😎.
    Alles weitere gerne persönlich im Noisy-Room!

    Liebste Grüße 🙏

    ⁄⁄⁄ English Version ⁄⁄⁄

    Dear Community,

    after having moved quite fresh to the capital, I (25 y/o) am now looking for a project in the fields of jazz, funk and soul (with a lot of goodwill also blues, pop and rock ✌️😊). So far I have covered in two band projects in the Indi- and Soul area that are relevant for me and played my own compositions. 6 Years of stage and studio experience are therefore available 😎.
    Everything else we can discuss in person in the Noisy-Room!

    Fondest greetings 🙏

  • 31/01/2020 von Max Sánchez-Kollegger

    Demo Recording Opportunity!

    Dear Musicians/bands

    Have you been wanting to record an awesome demo with your band, but you haven’t gotten the opportunity to get into a professional studio?

    We are three producers studying audio production and engineering, looking to record another band’s DEMO in one of the Funkhaus recording studios. Note: This will be a LIVE recording (though overdubs are possible afterwards).
    Any genre/style is welcome! As long as there are at least three instruments to record and you have your song written and rehearsed, we will be the best of friends ;)

    This recording is part of an assignment we are doing, but the finished demo will of course be completely yours to use.

    Time/Date of recording
    Either: Friday 31st of January
    Or: Saturday 1st February

    If you are interested please don’t hesitate to write us a comment or send a private message!

  • 29/01/2020 von Mental Kino

    Mental Kino looking for a Synth/Keyboard Player and or other (see description)

    Hey there, we’re currently looking for somebody who wants to join our group and add the electronic touch to it that we have on the album which will be linked at the end. Our goal is to bring the music from studio to stage. We currently work on live arrangements which is missing a synth and or keyboard player that could fill out the electronic part as we’re a vocalist, drummer and guitarist at the moment. If you have any other talents like singing, playing bass, using a drum machine/sampler/looper/laptop or whatever, that would also be very welcomed.

    Link to our music: https://soundcloud.com/mentalkino/sets/normalization-error-and-other

  • 28/01/2020 von Enzhe

    Amateur drummer girl

    Im a drums beginner and im looking to start a band. Nothing pro, just something to practice and learn with other learners

  • 22/01/2020 von Fleur

    Sängerin sucht Band

    mein K.-Name ist Fleur, Ich wohne in Berlin und ich singe….Cover-Songs und auch eigene Kreationen.
    Jetzt würde ich mich gern einer Band anschließen.
    Ich suche eine Band mit Genre POP, Swing, Jazz….
    auch Disney….in Berlin.
    Im Vordergrund steht der Spaß und die Chemie muss stimmen.
    Bin diszipliniert und zuverlässig!

  • 19/01/2020 von Bob

    Experienced Singer/Songwriter to form Alternative Rock Band

    Hi there,

    I am experienced Singer/Songwriter looking to form an Alternative Rock Band. What I am looking for is to create four peace unit of Singer/Guitar (me), Bass, Drummer, and a utility member (playing piano or piano). The idea is to write our own songs and practice at least once a week. All in all gigging should start beginning of June.

    Example of artist Cage the Elephant, Shins, SWRS etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  • 14/01/2020 von tim

    Zu zweit vielleicht ähnlich wie BATTLES oder so?

    Ich spiele Drums und suche jemanden, der Keyboards und vllt. Gitarre spielt.
    Musik ähnlich wie Battles…?
    Auf jeden Fall lauter, harter Beat dazu Keyboard, elektronisch angehaucht:
    polyrhythmisch, wiederkerrend, Aufbau, Abbau.
    Nur zu zweit… Level: Hobby,

  • 07/01/2020 von A

    Female Singer with Synth for Experimental Minimal/SynthWave/NDW/Riot Grrrl/Punk Band or Musicians

    I have an unusual voice and I like to sing in a raw, melancholic way, somewhere between dream pop and minimal wave. I can scream every now and then. I want to find people to collaborate with! I play a synthesizer and drum machine, and my influences range from: old school punk and oi, hiphop, riot grrl shoegazer and minimal wave/synthwave/NDW. I looove 80s synths and disturbing guitar pedals. I’m also curious about black metal and open to other genres.
    Do you play guitar, bass, drums, or also synth? Even better if you have your own rehearsal room. Let me know if any of the following bands interest you:
    DAF, Bratmobile, Sleater Kinney, Sonic Youth, The Misfits (I’d love to do covers too)
    Ich spreche auch fließend Deutsch.
    Light love and shadows,

  • 06/01/2020 von Andre

    Vocalist for Metal/Rock Project(all genders)

    English below.
    Hallo. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem erfahrenen Rock/Metal Sängerin oder Sänger(shout/scream und clean Gesang) mit dem ich zusammen an den Lyrics arbeiten kann. Bin selbst Gitarrist und habe bereits einige Tracks geschrieben und bin dabei noch weitere Tracks zu schreiben, dass am Ende eine EP entsteht. Habe aber Schwierigkeiten mit Songtexten. Musikalisch versuche ich viel zu experimentieren und kombiniere Rock/Metal mit Electro oder Pop. Für den Anfang soll es erstmal ein Home Project sein und später wenn alles steht, werden wir weitere Leute aufnehmen und eine Band aufbauen. Die Demos kannst du unter den Links unten anhören: https://soundcloud.com/mayhem-369964554/demo-project-4 Wenn du Interesse am kreativen Arbeiten hast, schicke mir eine Hörprobe mit deine Stimme.

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced Rock/Metal singer(all genders) (shout/scream and clean vocals) with whom I can work on the lyrics. I’m a guitarist and have already written some tracks and I’m in the process of writing more tracks that will result in an EP at the end. But I have difficulties with lyrics. Musically I try to experiment a lot and combine Rock/Metal with Electro or Pop. For the beginning it should be a home project and later when everything is finished we will invite more people and build a band. You can listen to the demos under the links below: https://soundcloud.com/mayhem-369964554/demo-project-4
    If you are interested in creative work, send me an audio sample with your voice.

  • 04/01/2020 von Verena

    Fellow (RnB, Jazz,Funk) musician(s) wanted

    Hello :) I’ve been singing for a while just for fun but in the past year I’ve manifested the urge to create and progress through music. I’ve already written some stuff but it hasn’t left my bedroom yet. The direction I’m thinking of voice &vibe wise (I’m not saying I sound like them but to depict what I think I sound best in) is: Masego, The internet, Lauryn Hill, Dua Saleh, Amy Winehouse, Moonchild, Kaytranada, Raveena, JMSN, Mac Ayers…I could go on about what kind of music inspires me but as the goal is to create our own – just hit me up and we can see if we vibe :)

  • 03/01/2020 von Michael Sheridan

    Irish Guitarist Seeks Metal Band

    Guitarist from Ireland looking to play in a heavy metal band. Influences include SikTh, Metallica, Death, Black Dahlia Murder, Altar of Plagues, Full of Hell, Deftones.

    12 years experience playing guitar. Played in a band for 2 years while living in Dublin, played many gigs and recorded a full length album which is out soon. I also have a masters in Music Technology and several years experience making all kinds of music besides metal (ambient, cinematic, pop, hip hop, dubstep etc.)


  • 29/12/2019 von Teodora K

    Are you for something new?

    Hei. I am Teodora, 31, and living in Berlin since 3 years. Would like to meet new people and make music on a regular basis. I am a singer, songwriter, know how to play guitar (self-taught so please don’t expect Hendrix 2 :D). If you are into acoustic, folk, indie, rock and want to get together and create something new, contact me :)

    IG: teodorak88

  • 28/12/2019 von Emmanuela

    Singer looking for musicians

    Hello i am a Singer . And i am looking for a band or musicians ,who are trusted with Soul and bei Soul music . I want to do nee stuff write own music . I am 25 years old Hobby Singer and would Love to create Songs with you Guys ( Soul , Funk ,neosoul , Jazz , HipHop)

  • 21/12/2019 von Sarah Biela


    Hi David, you sound from the music yoi’re listening, as if you would fit my Band. We are not professionals and we practise only every second week on Wednesday. We play so far just for fun, as we rarely practisting together with 3, that is why we are lookong for additonal musicians. I play bass/rhythm guitar and sing a little, our drummer also sings backing, then we have two occasioanl lead guitar players and singers. We are all beteeen 38 and 50 and German/Americans. Please contact me, of that sounds interesting to you.

  • 20/12/2019 von Gordon

    Classic Rock n Rock band (30 – 50) seeks female singer to add a second voice to existing line up. Planning 2nd album and tours etc. Come and and join the fun. Creativity and open vibes welcome

  • 02/12/2019 von Andy

    Hexenizer is looking for a new Drummer (Berlin).
    We are a speed shred rock thrash Metal band .
    We need a powerful Drummer to kick asses !
    Our music.

  • 29/11/2019 von Martin

    Leadgitarrist gesucht

    He Guss,
    wir suchen noch einen technisch unerschrockenen Leadgitarristen der die Sachen spielen kann, die wir nicht hinkriegen:) Dysrhythmia ist super, aber etwas außerhalb unserer Specs. Hör doch trotzdem mal in ein oder zwei Demos auf der Page, vielleicht zündet es ja trotzdem.
    Wir proben am Ostkreuz und würde gern wieder Shows spielen und wollen auch nächstes Jahr aufnehmen…

    Liebe Grüße

  • 29/11/2019 von Georgios Kamatakis

    Hey ilija,

    Here you can find some old songs. Some of them we are willing to keep.
    Now we are playing more surf.. but we have regardless broad influences from garage, punk, grunge, etc.. There new songs and an amazing new drummer. 3 clubs are waiting for us to confirm the gig-dates: on 17.01.2020, 08,02.2020 and 1 one March
    Do you want to give a try with us?
    Send us something of your play and let’s play!!


    0152 241 63 753

  • 26/11/2019 von Sophie

    Looking for an RnB drummer

    Hey there,

    I‘m an trained singer and will finish my popular music degree this year. With 16 years I was in the pre round of the ESC Germany and have been performing on stages since then (I‘m 21 years now)
    Right now I’ll go live with my own artist project that‘s rooted in German RnB.
    So I‘m looking for a drummer who is comfortable with RnB/Hip-Hop drums and also uses a drumpad. Please send me a message if this sounds interesting to you.:)


  • 24/11/2019 von Claire Saint

    Sängerin sucht Band

    Hey! Ich bin Claire Saint (29), Sängerin und Songwriterin aus Berlin. Ich mache schon mein Leben lang Musik, habe eine abgeschlossene Gesangsausbildung, spiele Klavier, ein bisschen Gitarre und schreibe meine eigenen Songs. Ende diesen Jahres wird mein Doppelalbum ‚This is Claire Saint‘ (halb Deutsch, halb Englisch, Genre: Pop) veröffentlicht, welches ich dieses Jahr über in Amerika produziert habe. Ich möchte eine Band finden, die mit mir meine Songs bei meiner Albumrelease-Tour im Frühjahr 2020 spielen will. Natürlich würde ich mich auch freuen, wenn daraus ein langjähriges Projekt entstehen würde, indem wir dann auch nach und nach gemeinsam Songs schreiben und produzieren können.

    Schaut gern mal auf meiner Website: clairesaint.com oder auf meiner Instagrampage ‚thisisclairesaint‘ vorbei.

    Meldet euch gern bei mir, wenn ihr Interesse habt,

  • 23/11/2019 von Exet 7


    We’re a hard rock band from the USA about to release our first album and we have a deal with Sony. We’re planning a tour of Europe but sadly our drummer couldn’t relocate to Berlin so we’re looking for a drummer between the ages of 18-26. Our influences are 90’s and modern rock like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, System of a Down and Shinedown. We’ll be holding auditions soon so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info. If you’re looking to join a band that is about to take off, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

  • 23/11/2019 von Arin

    Lets create sound

    Salam People!

    I’m a Singer(30) and Lyricist with some Guitar skills,
    If anyone is interested in making musik together let me know.
    My experiences go from Soul,Jazz and R’nB over to Funk.
    Would like to try new sounds, too.

    Here an example of my voice

    Keep it up!

  • 18/11/2019 von Mark Thompson

    ** Skilled, passionate Drummer available in Berlin **

    • 17 years experience drumming and playing with bands
    • High energy stage presence…!
    • Writing music
    • Writing lyrics
    • Playing synths
    • Organisation
    • Time management
    • Playing to a click
    • Keeping in time(!!) :)

    • Genuine passion for music
    • Commitment
    • Enthusiasm
    • Experience playing electronic music; synths, playing with backing tracks, clicks, headphones
    • Playing, writing, recording experience
    • EXTENSIVE contact list of industry contacts (the contact list of all contact lists..)
    • Experience of working with PR companies, radio pluggers
    • Experience of working with Managers
    • Money to put towards the right band

    • U.K. Festivals
    • Live BBC Radio sessions
    • Radio appearances
    • U.K. tours
    • GIGS

    • High-end own cymbals and all breakables
    • Roland SPD-SX Electronic drum pad
    • Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum
    • Kick drum trigger

    Live drum videos:
    (Message me for links – unfortunately this website does not allow me to post links here)

    Music video features:
    (Message me for links – unfortunately this website does not allow me to post links here)

    For any other questions, please feel free to message me :)

    Mark Thompson

  • 18/11/2019 von Mark Thompson

    ** Skilled, passionate Drummer available in Berlin **

    • 17 years experience drumming and playing with bands
    • High energy stage presence…!
    • Writing music
    • Writing lyrics
    • Playing synths
    • Organisation
    • Time management
    • Playing to a click
    • Keeping in time(!!) :)

    • Genuine passion for music
    • Commitment
    • Enthusiasm
    • Experience playing electronic music; synths, playing with backing tracks, clicks, headphones
    • Playing, writing, recording experience
    • EXTENSIVE contact list of industry contacts (the contact list of all contact lists..)
    • Experience of working with PR companies, radio pluggers
    • Experience of working with Managers
    • Money to put towards the right band

    • U.K. Festivals
    • Live BBC Radio sessions
    • Radio appearances
    • U.K. tours
    • GIGS

    • High-end own cymbals and all breakables
    • Roland SPD-SX Electronic drum pad
    • Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum
    • Kick drum trigger

    Live drum videos:
    (Message me for links / this website unfortunately will not allow me to post links)

    Music video features:
    (Message me for links / this website unfortunately will not allow me to post links)

    For any other questions, please feel free to message me :)

    Mark Thompson

  • 03/11/2019 von Clara

    Hobbymusiker für Jugendband gesucht!

    Hallo, ich (w) bin (18) und komme aus Berlin.
    Ich suche Leute, die ca. in meinem Alter sind und gerne in ihrer Freizeit ein Instrument spielen.
    Ich spiele seit ca. 10 Jahren Geige, habe mit Klavier begonnen und singe sehr gerne. Ich habe mir eine kleine Band vorgestellt, die gerne selber Songs schreiben und vielleicht den einen oder anderen Auftritt machen, um unser Geld etwas aufzubessern. Aber natürlich geht es mir vorrangig darum, neue Leute kennenzulernen, die eine Leidenschaft mit mir teilen. Dabei muss niemand perfekt sein! Ich selber habe auch bisher noch kaum Erfahrungen mit einer Band gemacht und gerade deshalb würde ich gerne Teil von einer sein.
    Dabei ist mir egal in welche Richtung wir gehen wollen…
    Meldet euch gerne und wir überlegen uns was :)

  • 31/10/2019 von Winnie

    Hobby-Musikerin sucht Gleichgesinnte

    Hallöchen! Ich bin vor 3 Monaten für mein Studium nach Berlin gezogen und suche nun nach jemandem, der gerne gemeinsam mit mir Musik machen möchte (gerne auch Bands!). Ich spiele Gitarre, Klavier und singe total gerne. Leider habe ich an professioneller Erfahrung lediglich Klavierkonzerte und -wettbewerbe vorzuweisen, doch man lernt nie aus, nicht wahr? Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du dich mal meldest / ihr euch mal meldet! :)

    Mein Musikgeschmack ist außerdem sehr vielfältig… momentan höre ich sehr viel (K-)Indie, beispielsweise Acourve oder Sam Kim! :)

  • 25/10/2019 von Ben

    Drummer sucht Musiker/Band (Genres: Rock,Blues usw.)

    ich spiele jetzt inzwischen seit 15 jahren Schlagzeug (bin 20). Bin musikalisch allerdings noch nicht in Berlin angekommen und suche deswegen Leute um mal zu jammen oder um ein Projekt zu starten.
    Meine Genres sind: (classic) Rock, Punk, Stoner/psychedelic Rock, Blues und alles dazwischen.
    Wer einen Drummer für irgendwas sucht, oder lust hat mal zu jammen, kann sich gerne mal melden.

  • 24/10/2019 von Carsten

    Bassist (46) sucht Band (HC/Punk/Metal)

    Moin zusammen. Bassist mit 46 Lenzen und reichlich Erfahrung im Bereich Hardcore/Punkrock würde gerne mal wieder das Instrument in die Hand nehmen. Zeit ist knapp, aber einmal die Woche proben säße schon drin – gerne im Raum Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Ihr seid eine Band der härteren Gangart, ohne Rockstar-Attitüde aber mit politischem Anspruch? Dann könnte es passen – meldet Euch.

  • 23/10/2019 von Maria

    Sängerin sucht Band (Rock/Pop/Metal) in Berlin

    Ich heiße Maria, bin 22 Jahre alt und ich möchte mehr Bühnenerfahrung sammeln, am liebsten als Sängerin in einer Pop-/Rock-/Metal – Band in Berlin. Ich bin für jede Art von Auftritt als Background- oder Solovokalistin offen. Über ein langfristiges Zusammenspiel würde ich mich ebenfalls sehr freuen. Schon in der Schulzeit hatte ich einige Auftritte in kleinen Kreisen und seit einem Jahr nehme ich wöchentlichen Gesangunterricht bei Nastassia Ney. Seit Kurzem schreibe ich auch selber Songtexte auf Englisch, die wir gerne neu interpretieren können. Ich kann ebenfalls Akkorde auf der Akustikgitarre spielen.

    Inspiration: Within Temptation, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Dead by April, Poets of the Fall, Skillet, Wildways
    Ich freue mich auf die Antwort!

  • 21/10/2019 von Ben

    Drummer for 15 years looking for people to jam with and have fun

    Drumer looking for some musicians to jam with and maybe form an Band if the chemistry is right.
    I am playing drums now for 15 years and had a band with my best friends for the most time.
    The genres id be interested in would be Stoner/psychedelic Rock, Punk, Oldschool Rock, or anything thats heavy and is Riff based. Im better in playing with feel them super fast, so no Thrash/speed metal or sth, id have to get more in shape for that kind of thing.
    Bands that are my influence are All them Witches, Graveyard, Green day, Nofx, Pennywise, Oasis, Them crooked Vultures and many more.
    I like covering stuff, but im more interested in Jamming and trying to write new stuff.

  • 20/10/2019 von Dan Perry

    Professional singer looking for a band

    Professional Singer/Songwriter with experience looking for a Band (Pop,Rock,Jazz) with own songs in english. I would like to work in a serious band project with professional people. Hit me up if you need a talented singer. Influences: Queen, Muse, Sam Smith, Erasure, Michael Jackson, Scorpions.

  • 15/10/2019 von Ignasi


    Hi! I am Iggy, 23 and currently looking for an indie/alternative rock band. I play guitar and bass and got some production skills with me. Influenced by Foals, Bloc Party, White Lies, The War on Drugs… typical indie stuff :)
    I´ve got some demo songs on Soundcloud so you can check what I like to play/produce.

  • 10/10/2019 von Jakob Prantl

    Drummer searching for indie band

    Hey I am 19 years old and just moved to berlin. So I don’t know many people and places yet. Espechially I am looking for people to play music. Mostly I am into Indie, Alternative and Experimantal music. (But also Electronic, Ambient, Funk and Jazz) I play drums since 9 years but also started making music with a sampler, synth and computer.

  • 09/10/2019 von Adam

    Bassist available- funk, jazz-rock, 70's progressive rock, electronic, afro-beat, some classical, world

    Hi, I’m Adam, playing bass in direction funk, jazz-rock, 70’s progressive rock, electronic, afro-beat, some classical, world, anything basically as long as it’s musical and not very loud.

    Also playing middle eastern percussion and didgeridoo.

    Looking for musical, experienced, reliable and passionate people to collaborate with, just like in the video:

    Very unfinished sketches:

  • 29/09/2019 von Andreas


    ***BANDNEUGRÜNDUNG*** DeutschPop/Rock/Indie S ä n g e r i n / B a s s i s t / G i t a r r i s t gesucht

    Schlagzeuger (43) sucht kreative Musiker die Lust haben, eine (überwiegend) deutschsprachige Band aufzubauen, in der es viel Raum für die jeweils eigenen musikalischen Vorstellungen gibt. Ein bandeigener Proberaum ist (noch) nicht vorhanden. Jam-Session und Kennenlernen gerne in den NOISY ROOMS in Friedrichshain. Spaß, Musik und Sympathie sollten sich ergänzen, denn nur so kommst du (oder wir… ; – ) auf die Bühne und ins Tonstudio…
    Ich freue mich auf deine Nachricht!

  • 25/09/2019 von Virginia


    Hi there – I can kind of sing and I was in choirs growing up. I’m 30s and yellow looking. Looking for paid work during the week. Currently in Storkower Str.

  • 17/09/2019 von David

    Hey Ho lets go

    Hallo Andreas, suchst du noch jemanden? Ich bin David 42 spanier. Ich spiele alles möglich (Guitarre/Ukelele/Bass/Schlagzeug und bisschen Synth7klaviert und wie du suche ich jemanden der/die mit mir Musik macht. Es egal Pop, Rock, Folk oder auch ein bisschen Punk. Mein Idee ist, wenn möglich, ein mal unter die Woche uns treffen.

  • 15/09/2019 von Jakub-James Boote

    Guitarist (26) seeks bassist, drummer and vocalist


    I’m Jakub (26) and I’ve just moved to Berlin from the UK. In the UK I have left a gigging/recording pop-punk band and want to start a new band/project over here in Germany. My influences include, Boston Manor (Welcome to the Neighbourhood Album), Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Rise Against, Early Biffy Clyro, early Arctic Monkeys, Oasis etc. Quite an eclectic mix as you can tell but I love most types of rock. At this point, I wouldn’t label a style of music I want to play until I get together with some likeminded people and jam some stuff out and see what happens. I have 3/4 songs ready to go, I just need all the other musicians for the band :)

    I am looking to jam at least once a week with a view to gigging as soon as possible.

    If you’re interested then please do get in touch.



  • 14/09/2019 von Bob

    Singer/Songer Writer sucht Band

    Hallo Alle,

    Ich bin ein Singer/Songer writer (30) aus den USA, und suche einen Band zu gründen.

    Die Musikstil ist ähnlich wie der Raw Power von Hendrix, Buffo Springfield, Doors usw. aber mondere wie Cage the Elephant.

    Ich spiele guitar und vocals. Der Band braucht: Schlagzeug, Bass und Keyboard

    Die Idee ist originale Lieder schaffen, und dann spielen in Bars in Berlin.

    Hast du Interesse, dann schreib mich an!

  • 14/09/2019 von Oliver

    Hey.. klingt echt gut.. plane auch gerade eine neue Band.. deutsch Rock ist mein Plan.. mit Spaß an der Musik.. wäre also für uns beide interessant sich mal kennen zu lernen.. ich bin Olli 48 j. Gitarre..

  • 13/09/2019 von dave

    Hello Lina

    Im an Artist with recording contract for well respected label Looking for Drummer and soulful house R&B Singer to play Bass heavy Massive Attack, Burial, UK Dubstep, Dub Reggae style grooves,

    Artist with recording contract for well respected label Looking for Drummer and soulful house R&B Singer to play Bass heavy Massive Attack, Burial, UK Dubstep, Dub Reggae style grooves, The album is already recorded, but there is a good possibility of touring to promote the release.

    If you are interested to audition for either position send me an email and tell me a bit about yourself. If you have any links to projects you’ve been involved with please include a link.

    Look forward to hearing from you

  • 11/09/2019 von Kia

    looking for a female vocalist (musician + artist)

    I’m looking for a female singer to collaborate with on the upcoming projects and songs.
    For recording new songs, and rehearsing for live performances, as well as making music videos for some tracks.

    GENRE: Trip-hop, Downbeat, Electronica, Alternative Rock, Artrock

    SIMILAR BANDS: Massive Attack, Tricky, Hooverphonics, Gorillaz, Portishead, Radiohead, …

    NO EDM, NO Pop, NO Soul

    Big PLUS but not a must:
    – Playing one or more instruments
    – Being familiar with or interested in visual arts (video making, photography, animation, lighting, etc.)

    Check my website for previous works: exertia.net
    If interested in a long-term, serious and professional musical collaboration, write an EMAIL and explain a bit about yourself and your music background. Please also send some of your works so I can listen and have an idea.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    e x e r t i a

  • 08/09/2019 von Eric

    Gitarrist (20) sucht Leute zum jammen

    Hey Leute, ich (20) spiele nun seit knapp 2 Jahren Gitarre und würde mich als fortgeschrittenen Anfänger bezeichnen, Suche jetzt andere Musikbegeisterte (am besten 2. Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug) zum jammen. Vom Genre wäre mir klassischer Rock (a la Rolling Stones) am liebsten, aber auch neuere Bands (zb. Arctic Monkeys) wären voll ok. Erwarte natürlich keine profesionellen Sessions, sondern einfach andere Menschen (am besten natürlich auch ungefähr in meinem Alter), die Lust haben mit anderen gemeinsam Spaß zu haben.
    Würde mich freuen von euch zu hören!

  • 08/09/2019 von Brian Gama

    Drummer seeking musicians

    27 year old drummer here looking to find people to jam with and possibly form a metal/punk band. My influences include NOFX, Ramshackle Glory, No Cash, Big D and the Kids Table, old Emmure, old We Came as Romans, old Vanna, old Escape the Fate, System of a Down, August Burns Red, Streetlight Manifesto, plenty more.

    If any of that sounds appealing, shoot me a message and we’ll figure something out.

  • 04/09/2019 von Helge

    No comment

    Schlagzeuger sucht dynamische, melodische Band. Ich kann dynamisch trommeln, mag Tom-Tom-Grooves, Minimalismus, bin experimentell veranlagt und spiele gerne auf der Melodie. Meine Lieblingsbands kommen aus den Bereichen Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Post- Art-Rock, Hip-Hop-Rap, Funk, Jazz und Pop.

    Hier ein Link zu meinem Schlagzeugspiel.


  • 04/09/2019 von Maria

    Graduated singer (vocal/backing vocal) looking for people to make music with :)

    Hello fellow musicians!
    My name is Maria (23) and I’ve been living in Berlin since one year. I’m a graduated singer (Music Academy) and I play piano. I would love it to find some people to make music with. My main skill is singing but I can also play piano/keyboard. I have a big experience in being a soloist as well as singing in a choir and an orchestra. This way I gained a great skill in making music with others, being aware of myself as an individual and as a part of a group (harmonizing, being in the rhythm, maintaining the right pitch). I am open to different genres but my voice shows its most natural beauty in blues, soul, alternative rock, indie and electro genres. It’s always hard to put yourself in a specific, determined genre and I see myself as very adjustable (vocally and personally) to different sorts of good quality music. So the best would be to just have a relaxed talk, discuss our tastes, try to find a common language and see if it would work.
    I am looking forward to all interested musicians!
    Let us make some art and beautiful music!

  • 03/09/2019 von Kevin Klein

    Hello everyone! Bass player here! I am from Ecuador and have experience with live performances (playing bass and backing vocals) and recording sessions. I am a producer as well (check my personal project on spotify) and have been playing for the last 10 years now. I have played rock, blues, funk, reggae, disco, latin rhythms, salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, Pop and whatever makes you dance. Maybe a jam or a recording session could be a test to see if I can add something to your project and work together.

    All the best

  • 01/09/2019 von Mark

    Drummer and Guitarist looking for Grindcore/Powerviolence vocalist for new band.

    We just started jamming so very early days.We share a rehearsal space in North Berlin. We want to gig and make awesome music. Bands we like: Nails, Full of Hell, Old Man Gloom, Cult Leader, The Body, Jungbluth, Oathbreaker….Plus a million others. We’d also be into some noise/ambience. Not looking for professional level (we’re not the best musicains in the world) but someone with a bit of range would be nice.

    no macho bullshit or assholes, Thanks!

  • 28/08/2019 von Jakub Boote

    26 Y/O Guitarist looking for another Acoustic Duo setup or rock band with another Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer.


    I’m a 26 year old guitarist moving from Liverpool to Berlin. I’ve been playing most of my life and have been in 3/4 bands in my time. Before leaving Liverpool I was in a 5 piece pop-punk band that are now recording an EP.

    Ideally I’d like to meet another guitarist/vocalist to jam alone with and get tight before forming a full band with tracks ready to go. HOWEVER, I’m open to just jumping into a band too, Depends on the situation.

    I’ve got riffs ready to go that I envisage as something between Hard Indie-Rock (early Arctic Monkey’s) and Hardcore rock such as QOTSA, Rise Against, early Biffy Clyro etc. I don’t want to get too involved in detailing my desired sound now as I think that comes when people work together.

    If you’re any type of musician with a passion for rock then just give me a message and let’s start talking and take it from there. +447853222080

    I am looking to take things quite seriously and want to be practising at a minimum once/twice a week with a view to gigging ASAP.


  • 26/08/2019 von Veit

    Band interessiert sich für dich!!

    Hey Skywalker.

    Mein Name ist Veit, ich bin Drummer der Berliner Band Silence is Betrayal. Wir sind alle mitte Dreissig und spielen eine Mischung aus genau den Vorlieben, die du in deinem Gesuch nennst. Die Band war schon eine Weile in Berlin und Umgebung aktiv und hat auch mal auf dem WFF gespielt. Aktuell hat sich die Besetzung geändert, die Band wird aufgefrischt und wir suchen noch einen Bassisten. Der Bass bewegt sich relativ leichtfüssig und mit organischem Groove über die Tracks, hin und wieder gibt es ein paar Passagen, wo er allein Übergänge verbindet oder ein Thema einleitet. Es gibt bereits ein professionell aufgenommenes Album, welches im Moment in der schon erwähnten Auffrischungsphase liegt und soll von der aktuellen Besetzung, wenn sie dann komplett ist, neu aufgenommen werden. Mit der Platte im Gepäck soll es dann zurück auf die Bühne gehen. Wir sind jede Woche im Proberaum und feilschen an dem Projekt

    Wenn du noch eine Band suchst und Interesse hast, melde dich gern bei meiner email zurück und du bekommst ein paar Songs und den Kontakt unseres Main Mans.

    Bester Gruss,


  • 25/08/2019 von Kesha

    Hey Austin,
    We are modern Rock/Metal band (Guitar+Bass at the moment) looking for semi prof. drumer to accomplish initial lineup. We have own studio, songs, stage/studio experience and looking for somebody who would fill the bill.

    Our Songs: https://soundcloud.com/kesha-heavy-maniac/sets/rehearsals

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Kesha (015 25 8787 094)

  • 25/08/2019 von Tim Hakl

    Psychedelic-Kraut Rock Band sucht Bassist*in
    Deutsche Version weiter unten, aber der englische Text ist etwas schöner geschrieben

    Greetings Humans! The following message is destined only for Earth-based musicians:
    Psychedelic-Kraut rock band (drums + two guitars) is looking for a female bass player, extra bonus points for singing abilities. Influences: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Boogarins, Kikagaku Moyo, Pink Floyd, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and all those beautiful Kraut-rock bands from the 70s (Can, Popol Vuh, Neu!, etc etc)…
    Let’s be clear on something: We are making a band to rehearse twice a week and play gigs regularly, not a hobby thing. If you think playing bass is fun, but using pedals with it is even more fun and you’re also cool with playing some
    songs that are a bit heavier and some songs that are rather melodic/psychedelic then it’s a match!
    We’ve got some demos, a bag full of magic, an oblique strategy and obviously a taste for jokes :-)
    -end of communications-

    Seid gegrüßt! Die folgende Nachricht ist nur für geerdete Musiker:
    Psychedelic-Kraut rock band (drums+two guitars) sucht nach einen Bassist oder eine Bassistin. Wäre super wenn du auch singen kannst. Unsere Einflüsse: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Boogarins, Kikagaku Moyo, Pink Floyd, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard und all diese wundervollen Krautrock bands der 70er (Can, Popol Vuh, Neu!, etc etc)…
    Wir wollen zweimal die Woche proben und regelmäßig gigs spiele. Also etwas mehr als ein Hobby! Wenn dir Bass spielen Spaß macht, aber pedale benutzen noch mehr spaß machst und du auch gerne etwas heavy spielst und songs die mehr melodisch und psychedelisch sind passt du super zu uns! Wir haben auch demos und einen Beutel voller Magie! Also melde Dich!

  • 21/08/2019 von Eden

    Hi I'm a singer

    I’m American and I have some original songs can sing Queen Metallica and Alice in Chains.